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8 mile

August 21st, 2006 at 02:03 pm

I can now say that I have been on the street that Eminimem grew up on. I've seen the trailer park, etc. Eminiem is one of very few rap artists I like, but is one of my favorite artists overall. So that was rather cool.

The downside? We took a QUITE unexpected trip to Detroit this weekend, an 8 hour drive!!! My fiancees family lives up there, and his father had a truck he was trying to get rid of. We agreed to buy it from him for $1,500 (not bad for a '96 extended cab, etc etc), but not until after the wedding.

Well, he called Saturday night and said, go ahead and come get it, we'll work out payments later. OK! We initially planned to go next weekend, but remembered my mom is having surgery this week so I really don't want to go out of town. So we headed up Saturday night, and came home yesterday. His father also told us to knock $750 off the price he originally quoted us!!!! YA!!!!!!!!!!

I got to meet the family up there, and that was really nice. All in all a good, but tiring, weekend. Sorry I missed a few days tips, but I didn't have computer access, or the energy, to blog. ButI'm back and rarin to save!

Having an unmotivated day!

August 3rd, 2006 at 10:10 am

I think night before last caught up with me sleep wise. I'm unmotivated today, not getting alot done. Only hit 2 of the 8 rooms in my house so far. Tonight will be super busy...have to take the older munchkins up to my moms (an hour away) so she can watch them while I have the yardsale this weekend. On the way back we're going to stop and check out a truck we saw on cheapcycle. I'm not THRILLED about spending the $400 or so for it, but it's a purchase we've been counting on coming up, I just hate to see our meager savings drained already. But, purchasing a truck now will net further savings and earnings down the road.

We will be able to get the lawn care business going full swing, we've been holding it off due to lack of ability to transport the equipment.

We will be able to bring the freezer from my parents house down here which will enable me to stock up better on sales, etc.

We will be able to get things from freecycle that we cant at the moment due to no way to transport them..we had to pass on a dining room table and chairs (which we dont have a table at the moment) because of this.

We can hold off on replacing my DBF's tires on his car since he'll drive the truck to and from work, etc. So we can wait for a good sale or just for our savings to build up.

More pros than cons, but still..just frustrating.