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I've been away....and why

September 15th, 2006 at 02:40 pm

Man, I've missed this place!

Last week, my aunt had a VERY bad accident at work, which left all of our family scrambling while we awaited news of whether she would lose her leg or not. So far, it looks like not, the surgery went well, and they are hoping the leg will heal well. She will have LOTS and LOTS of physical therapy, and will more likely than not be disabled for the rest of her life. This is really bad, because her husband had an accident at work years ago which left him permanently disabled (he had 2K degree oil spilled on his entire leg). It's been a very stressful 2 weeks!

But, now I'm back, life is getting back on track, the wedding is in ACK 3 weeks! I need to find out train information and get that back on the rail (sorry all!), I have tons and tons of ebay stuff to list, and I need to unearth my house lol. Gas was a financial killer this last bit, but at least prices are finally coming down, it's hovering between 2.17 and 2.24 around here thank goodness!

3 Responses to “I've been away....and why”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Good luck Mika! Will say a prayer for your Aunt!!

  2. Dido Says:

    Sorry to hear about your aunt's accident....sending thoughts & prayers!

  3. Weisegeld Says:

    Wishing your aunt gets well soon... its never a good time when a family member is in hospital

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