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Tip #1-Flylady

August 17th, 2006 at 06:50 pm

Ok, so I probably won't remember to number them all, but oh well lol.

What does Flylady have to do with saving money you ask?


Flylady proposes that housework done imperfectly still blesses your family. I agree. I'm not a diehard flylady worshiper, BUT I do drill generally throughout the day, either by myself or with a few online friends.

What is this drilling you speak of??? Well, it's where we go accomplish something for 15 minutes, come back and brag for 10 minutes or so, and go again. Much like this site, it's all about support and motivation to keep up the good work.

Now, my point may be clearing. Disorganization generally leads to wasting money in some form or another, be it time looking for your favorite widget, or money by replacing said widget that you didnt see under the couch cushion until the next day when you get back from the store.

My house is NOT organized yet, we just moved in 2 months ago, but it's shaping up. And I don't think I've replaced anything I still have yet.

Tip of the day is...organize your home for your peace of mind, peace of time, and peace of wallet!

2 Responses to “Tip #1-Flylady”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    I do flylady too. It (and paying for a cleaning lady - I'm no flylady purist) has changed my home into a hovel. More importantly it has taught me not to horde.

    I have more now I have less *stuff* than I ever had before. In all areas of my life. I've lost track of the person who introduced me to her but I'll never forget her thanks to that introduction

  2. jacquelynrose Says:

    Oh Girly! You are on the same page as I am...I have taken up Organization, Cleaniless and Budgeting...it helps to have a Peace of Mind with all the above...I am no Suzy Homemaker but I am Learning...I want to try to enjoy housework and live in Organization and know where I have every penny going in and going out and for good cause Big Grin

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