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Couponing in August

August 17th, 2006 at 06:41 pm

Well today I worked on updating my savings tracking spreadsheet I keep for our monthly grocery expenses, rebates, etc. I was proud to see that halfway through the month we have only spent $253 on groceries, have saved over $1K in coupons alone (not sale prices), and I still have a $10 rebate, and 8 movie tickets on the way. Not too shabby, and I'm hoping that the total will be below $300 for the entire month, and next month under $200.

Now, couponing in August is always fun (not that I don't enjoy it any other time lol), because of the back to school sales!

Target has coupons out now which have brought me free goldfish, oreos, string cheese and cereal. All things wonderful for lunches (cereal used more as a desert since it's lucky charms lol).

Kroger generally does triples around here every other month or so, and apparantly Meijer follows the same pattern, we're new to this area so I'm still learning.

Rite Aid has been having coupons in their flyer every week for one or two free school supply type items, which has netted me free envelopes, garage sale price stickers, art kits for my kids, and a few others. Last weekend they put out an entire coupon book with some high value coupons for things like coffee (I'm going to get as much of that as I can for my parents). I am lucky in the fact Meijer will take those coupons, which will net me free LARGE cans of coffee, free cookies (lunches again), and peanuts/cashews/etc.

It's a busy month, but a happy one, everything is just rattling along and I'm trying not to kill myself deal hunting!!!

1 Responses to “Couponing in August”

  1. jacquelynrose Says:

    Oh WOW! I really need to get going on this Coupon gig! You have done an AWESOME Job Couponing! Big Grin

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