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Walmart is stealing my money!!!!!!!!!

August 10th, 2006 at 07:03 pm

I have had an ongoing saga with Walmart connect for THREE YEARS now. Back in March of 2003, I called to cancel the dialup service I had with them, was told it was cancelled. No big deal right? Well, you'd think.

In April, I was charged the $9.94 charge. I was confused, I called and they said my account in fact had NOT been cancelled, but they would cancel it for me at that point, and refund the money.

Same thing every month for THREE YEARS now! So you figure:

9.94 x 12 = $119.28
119.28 x 3 = $357.84

That's almost $400 that Walmart has charged me for a service I haven't used since March of '03, and have been trying to cancel since then. I repeatedly ask to speak to a manager, and am told the situation has been resolved. NOTHING. Charges and charges and charges month after month.

After speaking with someone tonight who said that in fact, he could not even PULL UP my account because I don't have the account number.

**Sidenote: Now what the hell kind of jack ass system can't pull up an account by a person's name, etc. (Excuse my french).

Anyways, I will be calling an attorney in the morning, and seeing what my options are on this one. As well as writing out a letter to the president of Walmart and any media that will grab it.

Anyone have any suggestions for me on how to handle this? I'm sick of them stealing my money!!!!

8 Responses to “Walmart is stealing my money!!!!!!!!!”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Have you documented in writing each time you have tried to cancel? Looks like a small claims court case to me. Make sure you have all of your bills for the NEW service you are paying for since then, so they can see you really did switch to another service.
    You may also want to try your phone company, since it was dial up, and see if they can block them from charging this or something.
    It sounds as though the account has been cancelled, but the billing never caught up. Have you ever thought about returning the bills as "return to sender"?
    How did you pay them? In a check each month? Or on a credit card? If it was on a credit card, dispute it through the credit card company, or your bank.
    Just some thoughts! Good luck!

  2. yummy64 Says:

    Try the BBB?

    Can you put a stop payment on the account? Where are they taking the money from? Contact that institution with your documentation they shouldn't be taking the money from there and ask them to reverse all the charges.

    Dress up like your favourate animal and stand in front of the store and hand out flyers telling everyone how they are stealing from you?

    Okay the last one is humour. The thought is amusing though, isn't it?

  3. jodi_m Says:

    Definitely try the BBB. I had two billing issues that were resolved in my favor after I got them involved - and quickly too. My last billing dispute was resolved after I threatened to get the BBB involved, so I never even needed to contact them. And contact the credit card or payment source to see how you can stop the payments.
    Good luck!

  4. MsSuperSaver Says:

    AOL made national news when they practically refused to cancel a customer's account (you can read the conversation at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13447232/ ). I think he finally got the account cancelled after MSNBC called on his behalf. You may try contacting your local TV station's consumer affairs reporter and see if they can help. Good luck!

  5. mschluckbier Says:

    I was a little peeved when I wrote this last night so I didnt give enough detail. My service was paid via my debit card. I've had my bank do "chargebacks" but walmart argues that since I initially ok'd the charges, and they of course have no record of my cancellation (insert loser icon here lol), then they have every right to keep charging me, even though they show that I haven't logged in in 3 1/2 years. yeah Im just so charitable that I want to donate $10 a month to walmart.

    The home where I had this service burned down in July 2003, I lost everything, including all my records, etc. I don't live at the same address, or even have a landline anymore, so there's nothing the phone company would be able to do.

    I figure since it's walmart, the news probably will pick it up eventually.

    Egads I just realized that if I need to get the records for all the internet services I've had since then it will suck. I've moved 4 times since then!!! Oh wow...better get to work!

    thanks everyone!

  6. annab Says:

    I agree: contact the media. Especially the part about how you don't have the records cause you lost your home to fire. No company wants to look like they kick a customer while she's down. Call immediately.

  7. carolyn Says:

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  8. connie oswald Says:

    walmart money card is a joke they stole money off of my card and tried to blame it on at & t . they refused to put the money back on my card and i was stranded out of state for several days . i had no way to get back home because i didnt have any money . i had 5 cents on there after they took almost $100.00 . thats all the money i had i am pissed off . i called at& t and they didnt have the transaction there and i told them what walmart card did and are investigating it for me too. walmart said they would put it back by the 7th of april this is the 28th of march. now how the hell am i going to get home and what am i gonna do about missing work who's gonna pay my weeks wages and who is gonna pay for me to get home they aren't . GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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