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Starting school for the kids, and musings

August 1st, 2006 at 09:13 pm

I decided to wait to go to the store until DBF got home from work, so we could go out for a family night. I try and be frugal, really I do, but sometimes I just want to treat the family! We don't have a house payment this month, just the $200 to his grandmother as repayment on the loan. So that went out today. Leaves me with $700 of my child support. I've budgeted $200 for school supplies, clothes, etc. for the kids, but when we registered them for school they gave us backpacks (new), with all the school supplies inside they'll need to start the year off. I had already bought a few things at the cheapo back to school sales, so those items went into storage for later in the year. Also, went through the boys' dressers and discovered they really dont NEED any clothing for school. My middle son got a pair of new shoes (not really needed, as the child doesn't grow I swear lol) on clearance for $7, that he ADORES, and seeing how he's starting kindergarten, how could I say no? My oldest does probably need a pair of shoes, he grows like a weed, and is hard on shoes. He has to have wide width shoes, so those will probably be about $40, plus we agreed to get them one new outfit a piece, then buy as the need arises or the sale arises. They each picked out a shirt while at Target tonight, each was under $6, and we have $30 in credit for Kmart which I'll use to buy them each a pair of pants. When we spend that credit on Levi's we'll get another $10 GC for later use. The $30 was from buying my engagement rings, so that's found money, and rolling it over into another $10 GC is just yet another bonus!! My personal question...who thought up buying a whole new wardrobe to start school with anyway???? I think it's ridiculous, but to each his own right?

1 Responses to “Starting school for the kids, and musings”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    For my kids, new school clothes is rolling out the hand me down boxes first! Then we fill in around the edges.

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