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I love Rite Aid!

July 26th, 2006 at 06:58 pm

Rite aid has had this skin care rebate deal going on since last month. For each 2 of certain products you buy, you get a $5 rebate. Well, one thing I've stocked up on is Curel lotion. They have the 2.5 oz tubes for 2.59, I have a bunch of $2 coupons from their website. So $1.18 for 2, then a $5 rebate. Nice profit huh? Also, Softsoap body wash...$1.75 each after my coupons, $5 rebate for each 2. Again, decent profit. Right now I'm looking at $165 rebate check...can we say wedding cake??? lol I need to get a plan of attack ready for tomorrow. I need to buy printer ink, and groceries, although not much in that department. But tonight..I'm tired!!!

1 Responses to “I love Rite Aid!”

  1. Lady Jennelle Says:

    Wow - you did good! Smile

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