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Starting the wedding list

July 23rd, 2006 at 10:24 am

Ok, so I havent gotten married in a while (almost 10 years to be exact) lol. I never planned to get married a second time, but sometimes the man upstairs knows better for us than we do. So..enter my fiancee. He won my heart, and finally technically proposed to me on Friday night. He took me to this place call Clifty Falls, where there are TONS of beautiful waterfalls all through the park. It was raining a bit, but he had found one area where you could go down and you were beneath an overhang, but still looking out over one of these amazing waterfalls. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was beautiful, and so romantic, and well worth the wait!

We've already decided when our wedding will be, October 7th of this year. We've also decided to get married at my parents house, under their gazebo. So no costs associated there. We want to have a "potluck" reception where guests bring prepared dishes instead of gifts. Does anyone have any suggestions for wording on the invitations? We'll have to buy a cake of course, so that will be approximately $200. I'm not going to get a wedding dress per say, I've done that once, and we want this to be low key, personal, and quite casual. So I'm going to look at Penney's, etc. for something, hopefully spending under $100. Add shoes and accessories for maybe another $40 or $50.

We have my rings already, purchased at 75% off and they're BEAUTIFUL! A $2K set for just under $400, plus we received $30 in coupons for another purchase of anything in the store (bought at Kmart). So we still have to get him a band, but he just wants a plain silver band, so figure maybe $50 or so for that.

I need to call around about renting chairs and tables for the "reception", I have no idea how much those will run. Also, going to rent a large tent just in case it rains.

Anything else I'm missing? I am going to hand make all of our invitations, already have part of them done. They are being made with my scrapbooking supplies I have on hand, so no real out of pocket cost there.

Any input is always welcome!!!

2 Responses to “Starting the wedding list”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Sounds great. I had a home wedding and the guests brought the food and snacks. We bought the alcohol. The guests took pictures with their cameras and gave them to me. I wore a dress I already have. total cost, under $200. We went to a big fancy wedding a few years ago. total cost $50,000-$75,000!! They got divorced.
    We have been married almost 30 years!

  2. Meredith Says:

    I can give you floral advice since I've worked in the floral business for a long time. If you have questions- feel free to contact me.

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