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Back in the Savings Saddle!

July 23rd, 2006 at 11:28 am

I read through flash's whole blog over the last few days, she is always so inspiring to me in the savings realm, and otherwise. I've started contacting companies in regards to their products, etc. and I'll see what happens.

Yesterday I printed out a bunch of Target coupons from their website and went shopping. First, we had to get my fiancee's nitro prescription ($7.49), and I had a coupon for a $10 Gift Certificate with a new prescription, so total there was $3.51 "profit". Then I got 5 bags of snack size Quaker granola bars, free after their $1 coupons, 20 of the single serve bowls of General Mills cereals for .22 each after their .75 coupons (the bowls will be recycled next spring when we start seeds for the garden), 40 single string cheeses, free after their .50 coupons (2 free for each coupon). We also picked up a few school things they had very cheap..total out of pocket was $15.

Today we went to Meijer becaues we needed twine for our tomato stakes, so we got that 1.49, plus they had mountain dew on sale for DBF, so we got 4 cases of that and a free case of Diet Pepsi Jazz (who knows..dad will drink it lol), so that was $10, and picked up a few things I had free item coupons for.

Went to Rite Aid to get the free things they had advertised in their flyer today, but they were out, and substituting anything of the same value in the school supply aisles. So I ended up getting things I actually needed, envelopes and garage sale stickers, for nothing. Plus some of the lotion I ordered came in, so I paid $9 for that, and will get back $20 in rebates on it. All in all, a good money weekend!!!

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