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A new day, another dollar

June 23rd, 2006 at 06:27 am

Ok, so to get over yesterdays financial cuss-fest...I called the gym back and finally got to speak to the manager. I told him my issues, and he agreed to refund me $40, this months memebership + 1 to help cover the cost of the bank fees. Not the ideal solution, but a good compromise to reach instead of wasting another $10 on cell phone minutes right?

B and I had our first argument about money last night, we joined our bank accounts and he freaked out a bit. Previous relationship issues yes, but we have never fought about money before and we're working on buying a house together!!! I was pretty floored at the whole thing, but we're better now and back on the same track. We're making our first contribution tonight to the $20 challenge, so thats good.

Trying to avoid the $4 coffee as I sit freezing at my desk........

2 Responses to “A new day, another dollar”

  1. ima saver Says:

    I own one of those things that you immerse in a cup of water and it boils the water in a mattr of minutes. Then i pour in a packet of hot chocolate mix, stir and have a warm drink for about 20 cents! Try it!

  2. mschluckbier Says:

    Julie, You've got me thinking!!! I was sitting here earlier thinking about those Latte Creations or whatever that Folgers has out, and they're about $4, so I figure if I try those, and see what I think (we have a micro and stuff I can use to heat up water here at work), and maybe bring in some hot chocolate I already have at home, and tea..then I have a variety of warm stuff to drink and can stay away from the $4 coffee downstairs right? I figure spending $4 and getting 15 cups of coffee is much better than $4 for 1, plus I think I have some coupons for that stuff lol. Thanks for jogging my still-learning-to-be-more-frugal brain lol.

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